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Welcome to my profile.

My name is Laszlo Prucz.
I was born in Hungary and since 1981live near Berne in Switzerland.
I found  the way to the photography in 1976.

My first camera was a Zenit SLR from my father. How I miss this thing today …
Then I found Nikon. At first many different analog models and in 2005 was moved to the digital world of photography.

In the following years until today I learn/ed always something new about the digital photography and composing.
My focus is in the Portrait, Fashion photography but also in composing and retouching.
In composing is everything  possible.
I love the modern timelessness, and the staged reality. Exceeded unimaginable limits.

That's why I make these opportunities and realize my ideas within complex Artistic images-worlds.
My motives are elements of portrait, beauty, Landscape and fine art images are combined with purposefully perfection.

I shoot with Nikon cameras, lenses, flashes and various studio Equipment.

I am using RAW converter, Photoshop CC and different plugins for the finishing of my photos.


Since 2016 Member of the Hungarian photographers world federation

If you have any question, don not hesitate to contact me.

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